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Custom web development.

We can write a system for your particular needs. We have done E-Commerce, Auction, Web Email, Contact Relationship, Service Management, and Shop Floor applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS).

We currently have SaaS service offerings for CRM and Service Management. CRM will soon have Sales Funnel features built in.


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Mobile Compliant Web Pages and Web Forms.

Initially, we try to use the same web resource for desktop and mobile devices, but can also write specialized resources for the mobile device when needed.)

Virtual Data List with User Filtering and Sorting.

The user should not have to tab through pages of data, so our software asynchronously gets un-viewed data from the JSON service as the user scrolls through the lists. Each of the header columns are clickable and provide options for sorting and filtering on any column.

Email, and Text Message delivery.

Based on events such as change in workflow or a customer request, the software provides hooks to send email or a text message to the appropriate party. We can also provide hooks to other message architectures like Google Firebase or Apple iMessage.

REST, JSON based web services.

The service layer provides and API for the customer to consume our services from other software. (SOAP, XML is also available as a custom option.)

Built in AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting.)

A well run business must have controls in place to insure the validity of the data, and to account for changes.

TLS Security

All sites should run on trusted, strong encrypted TLS certificates.

Administrative Customization and Internationalization

The administrative user role can manage the text on any form element, form name, and list column.

They can also manage the text for alternate languages.

Administrative tools for Form Validation.

The administrative user role can add validation to any part of any form.

Tools for data visibility & form authorization for roles and groups.

The administrative user role can manage the visibility, and edit-ability of any control or list column. For groups, data is filtered so the group only sees data that belongs to the group.

Administrative Custom Reports.

The administrative user role can create and modify their own reports. Reports can be graphical, tabular, or they can feed a form template for document generation.

Report emission types: PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, SVG, and HTML.

Administrative Work-flow.

All systems have a built in work flow module, that the administrative user can use to create steps in work flow based on the state of the data.

Work flow is presented to the user in a To Do list, or on a Calendar.

For custom development we use RAD tools and code generators.

Our tools allow us to create code from UML diagrams and developer written code templates.

This dramatically cuts down the time it takes to complete a project, and represents a significant cost savings to the customer.

Custom Protocol parsing and processing.

The nature of the framework we use makes it easy to incorporate new protocols into the system.

The framework eats protocols.


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Over the last 20 years, we have figured out whats important to our customers. These features are what a customer starts with, because they are provided by our framework. The framework is fast, and reliable. We have produced E-Commerce web sites with check-out in milliseconds, not seconds. Our implementations are also scalable. Code generation produces high quality code quickly, saving the customer time and aggravation. We would love to work with you!